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  1. [EXPERIMENTAL] Initial NMS update built on 1.13-pre7 (commit: 35ff018) (detail)
  2. [EXPERIMENTAL] Implement better legacy support (commit: 53f0627) (detail)
  3. version bump: 1.0.3 (commit: 6496a07) (detail)
  4. NMS-backed forceful teleporter to the teleport system, fixes #1805 (commit: a85ff17) (detail)
  5. Add the first dMaterial mechanism: block_resistance (commit: 150e4ab) (detail)
  6. Update to 1.13.1 (commit: 999682c) (detail)
  7. fix receives message event in 1.13 (commit: 7fa0b53) (detail)
  8. Probably fix schematic issues in 1.13 (commit: 74ba0b2) (detail)
  9. Fix fishes event for pre-1.13 versions (commit: 8f423cb) (detail)
  10. update pom refs, better pom's, better note in config (commit: 841a05f) (detail)
  11. update pom refs to Java 8, move defaultGoal to parent (commit: cb9cf04) (detail)
  12. [BREAKING] Rename advancement command to toast, add new advancement (commit: 8cf900f) (detail)
  13. Fix advancement/toast commands in 1.13, use dItem icon (commit: 23b746f) (detail)
  14. NBT Additions (#149) (commit: eac6973) (detail)
  15. Update ItemPotion property for 1.13 (commit: c233d55) (detail)
  16. Add dPlayer.update_advancements mech (commit: 8a26ea7) (detail)
  17. initial attach_to offset support (commit: 35a7e02) (detail)
  18. part 2: rotation tracking (commit: 6eaa93c) (detail)
Changes in dependency
  1. denizen-parent  ? → Success#443 (detail)
  2. denizen-nmshandler  ? → Success#439 (detail)
  3. DenizenCore Success#152Success#163 (detail)