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  1. use new scriptevent method (commit: 7e12ba6) (detail)
  2. Add 'inventory adjust ...' (commit: faa2afb) (detail)
  3. Add serverside & clientside absorption health, fixes #1576 (#1888) (commit: b05274c) (detail)
  4. fix adjust command (commit: c4d62e8) (detail)
  5. don't setDura in 1.13 for ditem (commit: 9ba1077) (detail)
  6. fix entity.item mech for 1.13, fixes #1891 (commit: b376ce6) (detail)
  7. allow specifying which enchantments to remove (commit: c76f23b) (detail)
  8. add mech item.remove_nbt (commit: e3872a4) (detail)
  9. change how item scripts identify (commit: 2fe2094) (detail)
  10. use new core update (commit: e1eac3c) (detail)
  11. separate out area effect cloud to a property (commit: 9358e77) (detail)
  12. add bukkit property handled lists (commit: adcf6d7) (detail)
  13. add inventory property handled lists (commit: 101d8e6) (detail)
  14. don't debug notable loading (commit: f0a1721) (detail)
  15. fix a few outdated ObjectFetcher calls (commit: 05635e6) (detail)
  16. some verbose debugging tools (commit: de915f7) (detail)
  17. Add entity property handled lists (#1894) (commit: c4eb500) (detail)
  18. Add dTrade object and related tags, mechanisms, and command (#1892) (commit: e42972a) (detail)
  19. Add item property handled lists (commit: b62d57c) (detail)
  20. catch really really weird input to run command (commit: 92399f1) (detail)
  21. (possibly?) fix FakeItem command duration values (commit: d5d8071) (detail)
  22. (experimental) more fixier fix (commit: b80001d) (detail)
  23. fix remove_enchaments removing all enchantments on non-books when (commit: 9d01a5e) (detail)
  24. update enchanted golden apple property for 1.13 (commit: 1ff92f7) (detail)
  25. fix mech meta (commit: dc3e7ec) (detail)
  26. move adjust command to the core (commit: 580967d) (detail)
  27. add bStats (commit: 8243977) (detail)
  28. fix misuse of dropItemNaturally (commit: d9276a1) (detail)
  29. add meta note, fix blockcrack command classname (commit: 47c75e4) (detail)
  30. add background option to toast command (commit: 3f78374) (detail)
  31. add mech link to meta for tag (commit: 4964173) (detail)
  32. add better meta for world.has_storm (commit: 4ea4b9c) (detail)
  33. fix entity mechanism handling issues (commit: 1cbecba) (detail)
  34. fix outdated dItem valueOf calls (commit: 5f952b3) (detail)
  35. improve flag event meta (commit: 215fd3a) (detail)
  36. fix some jank implemented old cuboid contexts (don't do unneeded (commit: 23d06a3) (detail)
  37. improve stability of how dChunk operates (commit: eefad73) (detail)
  38. fix compile error (commit: aee8b5d) (detail)
  39. remove way old event classes (commit: 75a0da2) (detail)
  40. patch remove command meta (commit: c61f023) (detail)
  41. remove meta lines that were never really needed/used (commit: e744f32) (detail)
  42. improve cuboid chunk tags (commit: 6911032) (detail)
  43. patch mapless maps (commit: 5267ad2) (detail)
  44. add a save option to the firework command (commit: 722a297) (detail)
  45. fix map command meta (commit: 954bb6e) (detail)
  46. add notes on no-longer-needed material tags (commit: ba9bb68) (detail)
  47. warn on some of the weirder tag shorthands (commit: 47c9560) (detail)
  48. improve old text tags register handling (commit: 0860c38) (detail)
  49. minor meta improvement (commit: 964aa85) (detail)
  50. update debug submit output url (commit: df7234c) (detail)
  51. patch yaml command set indices (commit: 64ef7ea) (detail)
  52. Fix lookclose meta (commit: f66bc17) (detail)
  53. fix meta typo (commit: 15d4696) (detail)
  54. Creeper max_fuse_ticks Tag and Mech (commit: 8d81366) (detail)
  55. Fix some mistakes (commit: 165956e) (detail)
  56. fix format bork (commit: 9c273e4) (detail)
  57. more fixes (commit: 587ea83) (detail)
  58. better contex awareness in all standard mechanisms (commit: 0f534ad) (detail)
  59. clean some mechanism handling (commit: bd25ac0) (detail)
  60. add scoreboard tags, fixes #1905 (commit: 7563b2a) (detail)
  61. fix mappings code handling (commit: e787f6b) (detail)
  62. remove non-module dependency on nms (commit: ea22f2b) (detail)
  63. improve enchantments property (commit: 67d3bec) (detail)
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